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Marriage visa

Period of stay and parental authority, after foreign national divorced Japanese.

Question (on the phone)

I want to ask a question. I am a Japanese woman. I live in Japan with my Chinese husband and a child. I think about divorce recently. we don't love each other. He has to go back to China after divorce, doesn't he ? How long can he stay in Japan after divorce ? What about parental authority ?

Answer (by immigration lawyer, Makoto)

Even if the foreign national who has marriage visa, divorces Japanese, he/she can stay until the end of the period of stay of his/her visa. If he/she have been married for 3 years, he/she can change Long-Term Resident visa after divorce. I'll give you advice for free. The fee of making documents and application by proxy is 126,000yen. If the application is rejected, I will pay you back the fee.(126,000yen)
You need to fill in a divorce notice about parental authority when you divorce. If you write your child's name on it, you get the parental authority. However, if you change your parental authority to opponent, you have to request it from the family court. I can make a contract of divorce for prevention of dispute. Making documents fee is 52,500yen. In case of breakdown of talks, you can request a mediation of divorce from the family court.

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