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Marriage visa

Can I change my tourist visa (Temporary Visitor) to marriage visa?

Question (on the phone)

I am a Japanese woman. I fell in love with a French guy. He is in France now, and going to come back to Japan next March. After he comes, I will introduce him to my parents. Then, we will notify a public office of our marriage. Can he change his tourist visa (Temporary Visitor) to marriage visa ?

Answer (by immigration lawyer, Makoto)

Yes, he can change his tourist visa (Temporary Visitor) to marriage visa after he notify a Japanese public office about your marriage. You cannot change your tourist visa (Temporary Visitor) to working visa, but can change to marriage visa. In the case of a marriage between Japanese and foreigner, you need to submit a notice of marriage with " Requisite-for-marriage possession certificate" (unmarried certificate) which you got at the embassy. After you finish notifying, you can apply for a marriage visa from immigration.
I'll give you advice for free. The fee of making documents and application by proxy is 126,000yen. If the application is rejected, I will pay you back the fee.(126,000yen)

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