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Temporary Visitor visa (Short-Term Stay visa)

Can I extend a Temporary Visitor visa?

Question (on the phone)

I am Indonesian. I had got married to an Indonesian and lived with her and my son until I came to Japan. I divorced her, and got married to a Japanese woman, and we are living together in Japan now. Nobody can bring my son up in Indonesia, I invited him by Temporary Visitor visa (90days). Then, I applied for a certificate of eligibility(CoE) of Long-Term Resident, but the immigration officer said "Wait 3 months for a result." I want to extend his Temporary Visitor visa until I receive the notification of the result. Can I extend his Temporary Visitor visa?

Answer (by immigration lawyer, Makoto)

It is very difficult to extend a Temporary Visitor visa. You can apply for a Temporary Visitor visa when you stayed in Japan in a half period of your visa. For example, if you have 90days visa, you can apply for an extension when 45 days later from coming into Japan. You can apply easily, but you cannot receive a permission of visa extension easily.
The following is some example who can receive a permission of visa extension.

You have to write "I promise that I go back to my home country soon." on the application form of visa extension. So you cannot apply for visa extension because of "I love Japan", "I want to stay in Japan" or "I cannot live in my home country". you cannot apply for visa extension because you are waiting for Long-Term visa, either. It is uncertain that you can receive a certificate of eligibility(CoE).
Even if his application is rejected, he can get a Designated Activities visa (the Period for Departure). He can stay in japan 15days more since his application for visa extension is rejected.
But, first of all, let's think about whether your son can apply for visa extension by other reason. Please come to Makoto Visa Office with your son's documents of visa.
I'll give you advice for free. The fee of making documents and application by proxy is 126,000yen. If the application is rejected, I will pay you back the fee.(126,000yen)

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