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How to return to Japan after deportation ?

Question (by E-mail)

I had a rather lengthy immigration hassle at the end of last year. I had stayed in Japan past the date on the sticker in my passport, so I went to the Shinagawa immigration office and applied for a "departure order". I sadly missed the scheduled flight. After that I dealt with deportation.
I have a UK passport and have resided in Japan for years. I speak Japanese and I feel very at home in Japan. I want to make it easy to return to Japan whenever I want to.
How can I erase the "deportation" and return to Japan easily ? I left Japan almost a year ago. Please let me know what can be done.

Answer (by immigration lawyer, Makoto)

Thank you for your inquiry. I have looked into your matter of concern. Though you cannot erase the "deportation", there isn't any special procedure after deportation.
If you used departure order, you will not be refused to enter into Japan due to deportation, after 1 year from deportation.
In your case, because you didn't use departure order, you cannot enter into Japan for 5 years from deportation. If you get married with Japanese woman, there is possibility of your entrance within 5 years from deportation. Even though you have Japanese wife, it's not easy to enter, but not impossible.

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