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You can take an consultation of visas in English on the phone for free. Please pay money for the documents that I make.

Renew  2015.08.31
Set up  2011.04.15

Making documents fee.

Marriage visa, child visa, after divorce visa
a) Spouse or Child of Japanese National
b) Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
c) Dependent
d) Long-Term Resident
e) Designated Activities
new(CoE, change)  126,000yen
Extension   52,500yen
a) Special Permission for Residence
Tourist visa
a) Temporary Visitor
new   52,500yen
Extension  126,000yen
Stop acceptance of divorce notice 31,500yen      
Permanent visa
a) Permanent Resident
Japanese nationality 210,000yen      
Setting up company 105,000yen      
Investment visa
a) Investor / Business Manager
Working visa
a) Skilled Labor, cook
b) Specialist in Humanities / International Services
c) Engineer
d) Intracompany Transferee
e) others
new(CoE, change)  126,000yen
Certificate of Authorization for Employment, a job‐change notice
You changed your job.
You didn't change your job.

Optional services.

Translation into Japanese 5,250yen
(1 sheet)
Collecting the documents at city hall
(Koseki, Juminhyo)
(1 sheet)
Work at top speed to finish up
(within 7 days)
+50% of a making documents fee
Transportation expenses
If it takes more than 60 minutes from JR Kameido Sta. to a destination, you need pay 10,500yen more as a daily allowance in addition to the train fare.
train fare
daily allowance
Application of Japanese nationality (together) 10,500yen
Going together to an Embassy (Renewing a passport, application of Single Certificate) 10,500yen
Going together to a city hall 10,500yen

Asking about Japanese visas

visa   Makoto Sugita, immigration lawyer (Makoto Visa Office)
  TEL : 03-5858-8491 (Japanese) Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri. (11:00 - 20:00)
  JR Sobu-line, Kameido Sta. in Tokyo.
visa   Kaori Oguni, immigration lawyer (Oguni Office)
  TEL : 03-4400-3644 (English) Mon. - Fri. (10:00 - 16:30)
  JR Chuo line, Higashi-Nakano Sta. in Tokyo.

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